Hi, we are Lisa, Livia and Paola!

Lisa, was born in Piemonte, but has adopted Rome as her home. She comes from a family of winemakers in Roero where she still manages a small vineyard. Her interests encompass everything related to botany, the environment and gardening. She collaborates with the magazine Oltre il giardino, writing articles on plant life.

Lisa’s greatest passion, though, is art, which she experiences firsthand as a painter, graphic designer and creator. She is enrolled in the Register of Artists of Rome and she has numerous performances, group exhibits and solo exhibits to her credit. In addition to her paintings, Lisa creates engravings and graphics for foulards.

Lisa has been working in tourism since 1980, with years of experience as a tour leader specializing in tours in Europe, North Africa and Central America. Fluent in English, French and Spanish, Lisa is a licensed guide in Rome and Turin and an accredited internal guide for the Vatican. Inspired by her attachment to the history of her birthplace and the tradition of viticulture in Italy and around the world, Lisa has added national and international sommelier certification to her credentials.

Livia, is a true Roman by birth, and her passion for art is the compass that has guided her life since she was a child. With a degree in Art History, Livia has gone on to produce numerous publications and in-depth critical essays for the exhibitions of various prestigious institutions, including the École du Louvre, with themes that include cultural mediation in museums and universal accessibility of artistic and cultural heritage for persons with specific needs and disabilities. Livia is fluent in English and French and her passion for art history, combined with love of travel, archeology, gardens and nature, music and opera, have found a natural outlet in the tourism industry, and have allowed her, as a licensed guide in Italy, and accredited internal guide for the Vatican, to live and share Italian art, history and beauty with travelers for over 10 years.

Florentine by birth, Paola lives in the heart of the city, in one of its most ancient neighborhoods, with her husband and four children. In the course of a lengthy career as an air hostess, she had the privilege of visiting innumerable wonderful places across five continents, and, as a result, she has become increasingly passionate about keeping her perspective of her city fresh and to never taking for granted the formal purity of Florence’s buildings and decorative brilliance of its churches. Paola is a university-trained expert in history and Italian and European art history. As a member of Florence’s Jewish community, her immersion has led her to a deep understanding of Jewish culture and traditions in Italy. Fluent in French and English, Paola has been a licensed guide for the city and province of Florence since 2010 and, for three years, collaborated with a prestigious US tour operator in the role of Travel Designer.